Membership-based E-learning courses/ebook: porting content from Scrivener into Bubble

I need some advice on what would be the best way to port content from the software that I am using to write content for my e-learning courses (Scrivener) into Bubble.

My goal is to create a web book, by that meaning an ebook that is purely HTML-based, and with an architecture that allows me to keep the content up to date over time.

The three reasons why I am planning to do it on Bubble:

  1. I need membership and an easy way to manage subscription-based content (which seems to be possible via the Stripe integration);
  2. I want a certain degree of flexibility in terms of the way the UI should look like and behave, more of what I could do in Wordpress;
  3. I want to be able to update the content on a regular basis, possible directly on Scrivener (complex structured content requires features that a simple CMS cannot offer, such as document outlining, search by keywords, styling).

The content is supposed to be structured in chapters, each chapter could be an instance of the same template page on Bubble, but I need to figure out how would the page title and content be injected automatically with bespoke content? Scrivener allows me to export as HTML or RTF, but I doubt that a direct integration with Bubble would be possible. You can manage a database in Bubble, but that is not equivalent to a structured CMS that must include headers, formatted text, embedded images and videos.

Some good people on this forum have suggested in previous posts to use as a flexible CMS that can communicate with the Bubble API. Contentful includes a rich text editor component that can also include images and videos, though I am not sure how that would fit into the Bubble architecture.

To sum it up, the data should flow as follows:

Scrivener > Contentful > Bubble

In an ideal world, I would like to automate the whole thing, and push updates made in Scrivener directly onto my product built in Bubble. In the worst case scenario, the first part (from Scrivener to Contentful) would have to be done manually; that would be not ideal, but not a tragedy either.

Any of you guys is able to tell me if this sounds like a reasonable way to do it?

I’d be very interested in this as well as I’m a big Scrivener user.

One thought I had, @lucabenazzi, is that there COULD be a way to integrate Bubble with Dropbox, which is where Scrivener stores files in the cloud. Then, you’d need a plugin or API solution that could read Scrivener’s files and incorporate them into Bubble. Not sure how complicated that is, but I’d think there MUST be a solution.