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I’ve just come across a platform called Although I haven’t looked into it too much, it seems to be another no-code tool that integrates with Webflow. It uses Webflow’s powerful front-end design system to create contemporary and fast user interfaces for web applications, while also giving users the ability to create complex and powerful applications.

It seems very interesting! Let me know if any of you have heard about it and are more informed than I am.

I was looking at MemberStack for a specific use case several weeks ago. As I understand it, it’s built more for creating easy membership/subscription products based on content, not for developing complex applications.


Has anyone integrated memberstack into bubble yet? I would imagine it is quicker than building all of the functionality from scratch.

It should be pretty easy to integrate, as you can just add the code snippet in Bubble’s header settings.

But all that will allow you do is gate some pages to certain sets of members.

If you are building a CMS style site, then that is probably fine. But then I would suggest you would be better off using Webflow in that case.

What it won’t do is create Bubble users for you.

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I came across for the same information as you!