Menu Option set, Navigation set state

Hello everyone,

I have a page containing several options set menu tabs.

The navigation between each tab to display the groups are configured in set state in the workflow.
One of the set options (home) is set by default when opening the page
So far so good

My problem is that when the user navigates between different pages and then goes back, I would like them to return to the last active tab which was open but which is not systematically on home?
I can’t find the solution on the forum, does anyone have an idea?

@gary45 you could set a second state Previous to store the state pre-navigating to the page. Then, when the user wants to navigate back, you set MenuEvent to Previous' value. This would work if the user navigates back once though

Yes, I also thought about that but I couldn’t figure out how to do it.

Do I need to create a new field on the user which records each state? and I don’t really see how this translates into the workflow.
Sorry I don’t understand this part well


My understanding is that your app is a SPA and the user navigates but stays on the same page, correct? And you show/hide groups based on the MenuEvent custom state value?

oui, c’est exactement ça.

@gary45 then just create a 2nd custom state called Previous of the same type as your already existing MenuEvent state.

In your workflow:

  • as Step 1, set Previous to MenuEvent's current value
  • as Step 2, use the same action as in your screenshot above

When the user navigates back, just set MenuEvent to Previous’s value

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I managed to get what I wanted this way:
I simply created an additional field in USER that refers to the Menu state.
Each time he clicks on a different tab it is updated and I added when opening the page set state current user menu
I don’t know if this is annoying for the user, but if he completely closes the browser, the last tab that was displayed will be set.
In terms of WU I don’t know if this method is recommended.

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