Merge Pages for mobile app use

Hello !

I’m making a mobile app, I created many pages and now I’m looking for a way to merge them so my app can be quicker responding,

I tought about making each page a reusable element then I realized its not possible,

Then I tought to put all the element of a page in a floating group then merge them all in the same page, and it is also complicated as I have other floathing groups, Groups, Group focus ect,

Any idea ?

Thank you

I wouldnt suggest merging everything into a single page, that can create a slow load time.

I would instead suggest keeping the core app elements on one page, and use URL parameters to control what is shown at any one time URL parameters - Bubble Docs

Keeping rarely used elements on their own pages

I would also challenge the assumption that you can’t make these into reusables. Unless you have some really weird url based requirements, pretty much any functionality can be built into a reusable.

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Hello Oliver,

What I understood from your answer is : have all the information needed on one page then send URL parameters instead of picking from database at each moment,

I will give you an example of I’m doing now, I have a home page with many pictures ( each one related to a user who posted it, title ect ) then when you click on the picture it send you to another page where you have all the details that I wrote.

I send information of the group from the first page, :

then I pick them on the other :

if I use URL parameters, it should take less time load ?

Thank you

Hi there,

What I mean is for example if you had a page which had a list of Shops on it, instead of going to a shop profile page when the user clicks a shop, you can use URL parameters to control what is shown.

So if the page was, when you click the shop it would be

Then your group containing the list would be hidden, your shop profile would be shown, and you would use the get data from page URL option to select which shop you wanted to see