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Merge Users with Other Thing Possible?

I’m configuring a notification system which allows users to receive an email when a new thing is created within X of their address.

I have created a Notifications thing with Address and Email inputs.

I want to know how people can browse and sign up for one of these notifications today but when they come back to the site later on and become a registered user, it transfers over their pre existing notification settings to their newly created account. ?

Anyone have any input?

If they sign up from the same browser, the accounts will be merged.

Thanks Emmanuel. They are not two users being created.

People can sign up for a notification only using an email and a zip… But later on if they come back and actually Register as a Full User (vs. Just a notification) How do I merge the notification settings with the newly created user?

Well check if there a notification with that email, and if so add it.

Interesting. Where inside Bubble can I configure this check? On signup?

Is it a workflow setting?

The way I hear you is check to see if there is a pre-existing notification and if so add that notification to the Users List of Notifications.

Is this the correct process?

I would use a custom workflow and a condition on the workflow. Why don’t you explore this a bit?