'Merged' API Calls in Search Results

I am using a plugin called ‘Search&Autocorrect’ which allows for advanced searching.

I have two API calls set up, which both work if set up individually:

  1. Get Sales Order
  2. Get Purchase Order

As you can see in the photo, I have it set up to search for the sales orders based on the number or customerName fields.

What I’m trying to achieve is the ability to search both API calls (Get Sales Order as well as Get Purchase Order) at the same time for the data the user is inputting, and then merge the results into a single list, as opposed to just searching from a single call as I have it now.

If I set up the ‘data source’ to include both calls and using a ‘merge’ function, of course the data type is incorrect because it’s still set up as two data types respectively for each call.

Is there some way to combine these? Do I need to somehow create a master data type that combines the two so that I can then have a merged data source? Or is there better approach?

Thank you!