Merged list: change color property for items in one list source

Having a little trouble programming this:

I have two lists of dates: booked workouts and missed workouts.
I created a merged list: workout history
I want to be able to change the font color on all dates from the missed workouts in red, so that when the combined workout history list is displayed (and sorted by date), you’ll be able to see which ones were missed.

I’m working in a parent group that holds this merged repeating list, but my main roadblock is changing the font color on items from one list inside the merged list. Thoughts?

You can change the colour of the text using a Conditional statement on the text.

But I guess your problem is how you trigger that ? So what the condition is based upon ? Do your workouts have a type on them that you could query for each line in the repeating group ?

Right, I know where it needs to happen, but my combination of types is not giving me that trigger as an option, so I know I have something misaligned. Here is what I have and I hope I can explain clearly:

Data Types: user, booked date
User Fields: list of booked dates (label confirmed), list of booked dates (label missed)

What I’m doing in English: I have a list of personal training clients and when I click on each client name, I see more information. One piece of information is their entire scheduling history, both confirmed dates and dates that are missed (due to canceling or not attending). The history will display all dates in chronological order (which is why I’m merging in the first place), so I want the missed dates to appear in a different color to be able to distinguish between which dates were confirmed and which were missed.

So, in Bubble terms:
My page has a repeating group: list of users. I’ve triggered another group to display data for each user when clicked in the user list. One piece of data is this merged list of dates, which is a repeating group of both booked dates lists.

I can get the merged list to display just fine, but I can’t program it to offer the font color under conditions for dates coming from one of the lists.

Of course, after all day of trying to figure this out, all it took was explaining it in writing on the forum to come up with the solution.

It jumped out at me that I was over-complicating things by having two separate lists. I merely added a new field to the booked dates type… added “missed” as a yes/no and when a date is canceled, that field is changed to yes, and now I only need one list and can set the font color condition based on the yes/no field. Tada!

This forum is incredibly therapeutic sometimes.


Glad you got it sorted :slightly_smiling:

When I worked in Software Development (a quarter of a century ago !) we had a term a “10 cents question”.

This was an (almost) unrefusable request for someone’s ears for a short period, which nominally cost 10c (or 10p as we were in the UK). You weren’t expecting an answer, you just explained the question and usually by the time you had finished talking the answer became obvious :slightly_smiling:

I will waive my 10c fee in this case :laughing:


Haha, thank you @NigelG. I owe you one :wink:

Oh Gaby, we’ve learned so much from you. Thanks for all the content you’ve been creating.

by the way, the original question in your thread is still unanswered. What if someone needs merged lists and needs conditional formatting on a specific list.