Merged PDF plugin?


I know that there are various PDF creators. But I’m building an app that will ask users to upload documents which can be in various formats i.e. pictures, word documents, spreadsheets, pdfs.

When they submit the form however, I want it to save a combined PDF of all of these files in one PDF, with each on their own page…with a specific heading which will be determined based on the section of the form they have uploaded the original file to, and based on what the document relates to. I.e. if someone was submitting a CV and a supporting statement, they would select that they are uploading a CV from a drop down and then upload this. And then they would select that they are uploading a supporting statement, and then upload this…but one summary PDF would be created which shows a page with a title ‘CV’ and, then their CV would be on the following pages, and then the next page would be a title ‘Supporting Statement’, and then their supporting statement on the following pages.
Does anyone know if this is possible? And if this PDF could be stored directly into AWS so as to not use up the bubble size limits that would be a major bonus!
There are quite a few PDF plugins and not sure which (if any) have this capability before I purchase one, any help/guidance would be much appreciated!


Use the Merge PDF tool to merge your PDF files…

Do you have documentation on this? I have to manually upload the PDFs for the software to merge them. Correct?

How to effectively merge PDF files is contingent on your particular situation and needs. On the other side, the Softaken Merge PDF Program interface is the professional technique that is highlighted in the study. Its easy-to-use interface helps the user save time and streamlines the merging process. The application works perfectly on some Windows OS, including Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, and previous versions.