Merged Search - Differentiate Between Searches

Hi all- I’m trying to differentiate between two different searches displayed in the same table to display a user activity log. The two events shown, Scheduled and Completed, are kept on the same row for each Address. In the manipulated data, Scheduled and Completed Addresses would be shown in separate rows. Below is an example of how I’d like this to work.


The only way I can think of to do this would uses two separate searches where the dates are limited by Scheduled On in one search, and Completed On in the other. But I can’t figure out how to combine those searches into one.

Is this possible to show without keeping a separate activities table? In a traditional database, one way to do it would be to create two temp tables and combine the two with the new activity dates.

If you really really forced me, I think it would be possible to create a list of doubled up unique ids with some sort of identifier and create a repeating group from them to then extract the unique id and pull back the data.

Much better, I think, to pull out your repeating data of name/data/type onto a new table and have that as a list on the Activity.

It will save a lot of hassle.

@NigelG Any chance the data could be aggregated as a state? That make take too much browser memory to be efficient.

I’m hesitant to create an entirely new table that would be duplicating the data. 1) these tables have a ton of other fields and writing to the db is already slow 2) The records are updated as the job goes, so I would be going back to this table on every update to check if it needed to be updated, too.

States have the same restriction on duplicates I am afraid.

So would need to figure out a way to get round this.

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