"Merged With" not working as intended

Hi all,

I will try to explain my concern as simple as possible,

I have a data type called “Events” with a Start date and an End Date

In order to create such event I´ve created a simple layout,

2 x Date/Time picker and a button to execute,

Up to that point everything is amazingly easy of course,

In addition to this (and for testing purposes) I want to know how many events contain the date and times picker inputs, to do so I have included a text element to show the count of those

For example, if we have created an event from 8am to 10am,

And next time I want to create a new event, for example from 6am to 8am, I want that count to increase to 1 (Before creating the event), as the end date is actually the start date of an event already created,

Same thing when the start date of the new event is the end of an already existing event,

To do this expression I have been working with the following:

Do a search for (Events):filter (Start date = Date/Time picker End) merged with Do a search for (Events):filter (End date = Date/Time picker Start):count

The expression works correctly only when the Start date in the new event is the end date of the already existing event,

But when I try to put the end date of the new event as the start of the already existing event, the count doesn´t increase to 1,

I would appreciate some help,

Thank you!

Event start date and end date should be separated into data and start time and end time (as numbers)

Hello, thank you for your answer,

Isn´t it possible to consider only start and end date? As the date also contains the time in it,

Best regards,

It is possible but it just complicates everything when using in filters or formulas or modifying or copying the time in a timedate, not to mention time zones.

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