Merging 3 data cells in a row into 1, or perhaps a list - Birthdays, dropsource

Hi Bubblers,

I am collecting the birthday of users in Dropsource via 3 dropdowns (day, month, year). Dropsource doesn’t have a calendar function and if I just put a textfield, the data would be a mess. And dropsource doesn’t allow to pass an array of data in the API, so it has to be three different data entries…

So i want to use an API workflow to merge these three data points into one fcell as it comes in in three different fields. I am guessing the new cell would be “a list of things” and i would have to make changes to the data, but i don’t really understand this and didn’t learn it in my udemy bubble course.

Been looking around the workflows but i am not able to find a way.

Anyone out there with ideas?

Thanks for your time.