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Merging different Data Types


This question may be something super easy, but I am new to bubble as well as logic-based programming. I am creating an app for a timeshare company which buys, sells, and rents timeshare listings on the resale market. I plan on using 3 data types: timeshare listings (for sale), timeshare rentals, and resorts. I want to be able to fill out all the resort information and have that in a separate database. So when the admin goes to create a new listing in the entry form, they will be able to select from a drop-down list of pre-entered resorts. So it will populate specified searchable data points like city, state, or country by them selecting a single option. Is this possible, or is this simple enough to explain in a forum post? Thank you in advance to anyone willing to take the time to help.

Adam Aptaker

Hi Adam,

Welcome to the forum! This is absolutely possible. So try this small scale sample to get a feel for how this would work: Create a couple Resort entries in your database and have those 3 fields you mentioned filled in for this sample (city, state, zip). Then, on a page, add 3 regular inputs and 1 search box input.

Set up the search box’s dynamic list of options to be Resorts and set the field to search as the resort name (make this a text field under Resort and fill this in as well in your sample entries).

For the first regular input, set the initial content to “Searchbox’s value’s city”

Second input’s initial content: “Searchbox’s value’s state”

Third: “Searchbox’s value’s zip”

Preview your page… type in the searchbox for resorts. It’ll autocomplete as you type in names. Make a selection, and see how the inputs prefill. Try that and see if things make sense :slight_smile:

Gaby | Coaching Bubble

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Thank you for the quick response, I will give that a try and let you know how it came out.

Also, may I ask you one more question unrelated? If I were to make a counter that reset every month. For example, If I wanted to keep count of how many listings an agent sells in a month. Would that be something easy to accomplish?

Yeah! There are many ways to do this purely with filters. In my opinion, I think having a “counter” field is too much trouble to manage. You should be able to, for any reporting scenario, just filter all listings by Agent and Date Sold

The expression of a dynamic text would read: Search for Listings:count, where the search has constraints on Agent and Sold Date. You can use a date picker, calendar, or input fields that are date types to define the month range.

This way, you can retrieve the counts for any month and get a historical view.

Does that help? If you have sample data and an editor link, I’d be happy to help get a sample together.

Thank you