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Hey guys!

I´m trying to build a messenger/chat app where a user can have a dialog (mainly pre-composed) with a fictive bot/cpu. For example:
chat/bot: welcome, how can I help you?
user: I need new shoes
chat/bot: Well that we can fix
chat/bot: What is your email?

And so on…

Have everything laid out and have managed to make it work when a user types a message and display it in a “Repeating Group”. But would love some help on making the rest of the logic.

In other words, how do I make the app trigger the bots reply when clicking “send” and display it in the same “Repeating Group” right after the users message? Or is that the wrong way to go about it?

Any thoughts or tips on the best and hopefully simplest way to make it happened?
All help I can get is appreciated.


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