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Messages - not loading on mobile device

hello dear bubblers

i have created a auction website where i have integrated a chat function
each auction, on click opens a popup. in this popup i have multiple elements that are activated based on states.
When user clicks on chat icon, the conversation is loaded in a repeating group.
On desktop, i have no problems loading the whole conversation but on mobile device i have the following issue:

  • the messages are sorted by creation date / descendent yes so the first message posted, will be the last on the list. i have no issues in reading the conversation until the bottom but when i scroll up, the messages disapear,. i need to move a little bit the whole popup in order to be able to see the data.
    Please test it yourself at, and just open the only auction, then click on “messages” icon
    Scroll down, and you will see that it works, when you want to scroll up, content disapear.
    PLEASE HELP :slight_smile:

It seems to work fine on my mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy S6). I scrolled down, up, down again, up again, and I could see all the messages. Not sure what the difference may be?

Nexus 5x. All good.

weird. on my iphone it seems to be a small issue

anyone that has Iphone?

Which browser are you using? I’m using Chrome on my device.

same here