Messaging Client long load time for Messages

Hi everyone, grateful Bubble and the community exist. My question is with a Conversations feature for my app. Upon initial load, it takes a few seconds to load information for the Conversations group, which does a Search for most recent Conversations between two Users (it displays like the iOS or Android messages, then you can tap a Repeating Group Conversation item to go into the Conversation between the two users.

When the total number of Messages in the database was low, this messaging system showed no problems. Now, as the Messages total is getting into the hundreds, the loading time problem is more and more obvious. What are things I can do to cut down the load time and make a zippier feature?

Thanks in advance!

You could set the number of rows “messages” to only show say 10, then have a button saying “view older messages” and run a work flow to view them? Or in your search for the messages you could limit it to only showing a certain time frame, i.e. Last 7 days?

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Thanks @rossliddell! I changed the default display rows # to 4 from 5, from 6 originally, which helped with the initial lag time noticeably.

I’m hoping to learn how to write “cleaner code” for when the servers start taking really high use loads.

Hey @InCommon :slight_smile: When you’re ready to clean your code up, drop me a line! IMHO, working with lists of text is significantly quicker than pulling searches of many things from the data base. I mean, things run very quickly when you can pack up an entire repeating group’s data (all fields included) into one array (or array of arrays). It’s fast to load, flows beautifully in the user’s hands and saves like a dream :slight_smile:

Have a great day!

ps. And, in contrast to the forum’s current status quo, yes, you can update, insert, create, save to DB, delete items and/or multi faceted data points in lists of text It’s a thing-o-beauty!




Working on this again. Discovered the load time is killing the Android experience and causing multiple crashes.

How do you conditionally get the button to pop up?

Can anyone help me implement this? Not sure how to pack up into a list of lists, or array of arrays.