Messaging Options

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I’d like my users to be able to message with each other on my site. I want it to live like LinkedIn’s messenger generally speaking - the user will have an inbox inside the app and can create a new message, view sent messages, etc. The user will also receive a copy of each message via email and/or push notification (though this setting can be turned off).

I seem to only see plugins or API options for email, SMS text, or push notifications rather than this kind of overall in-app messenger. How would I go about creating what I’m looking for? Is this just about workflows and inputs? Are messages data types? Is there really no plugin or API option or am I missing it?


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I’d like to add something: does anyone have a well implemented version of this messaging feature set? …It seems to be a standard feature set within social apps and it doesn’t make much sense for each of us to create it independently.

I’m looking to add something similar to our site but don’t want to take the time to design and implement it ourselves. If someone already has some code that works could you share it?