Messaging system like Airbnb

Hi everybody,

I am trying to build a messaging system like the one of Airbnb on my app, but i am having a lot of troubles.
I hope someone here can help me figure out a way to solve my problem…
I would like to set up that every time an user wants to contact another user (let’s say, using the Airbnb example, that an user wants to contact a host, with a profile on the page).
In the page of the “host” there is a botton, and when the user clicks this botton, this shoud direct him to a personal chat with the host.
This is the first problem, i dont’t know how to make this connection between user and “host” with a profile in our app.

Then, second issue, after this connection is made, i would like to have a page almost like this

with on the right side the ongoing conversation just started with the host, with an input to write the messages, a botton to send them and with messages that appear on top of the input space. Almost like every other chat system. Then, on the left side, i would like to have all the previous conversations saved with previous “hosts” that the user contacted ub the past, almost like the list of conversations of Airbnb, with the Name of the “hosts” that the user contacted, the date and the beginning of the message.

I look forward to hear your advices guys. I hope someone understands what i mean and that he will be able to help me.
Have you all a nice day. And i wish you all success.
Kind regards,

Here is an example from airdev

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