Messaging System Question (Need Help)

Okay, so this question is based on, “can I make a messaging system without upgrading my plan?” Because according to Schedule Workflow API, I need to have an upgraded account in order to use it, and I don’t have the money currently (poverty & low amount of jobs) to purchase a plan. I do however understand if it isn’t possible with the free account, because Bubble needs to make money somewhere.

I guess it depends if by messaging system you mean users messaging each other, in which case they will probably initiate the messages on the page and you may therefore not need to Schedule API workflows.

If however you need to send automated, scheduled messages to your users then you will need API workflows and as you say, I believe you would need a paid plan for that.

I meant user to user messaging, I was trying to follow the “example” created by NigelG (I think) for basic messaging, trying to structure it is difficult, I haven’t got it down pat.

There is a free template called pastel messaging, I think. Maybe try that also. It looks very good and maybe has the features you need already in it.

Thank you :slight_smile:

No, you don’t need Schedule Workflow API to create a messaging system.

Although you may need to do a bit of extra work to avoid it.

Usually it is used to create “x” things based on another selection, so in a message system you usually need to create a thing per recipient so that you can have a “Read” marker for each. But there are other ways of doing this.

Thanks Nigel. :slight_smile:

Hie @louisadekoya
i copy pasted pastel messaging to my app but its now working like a group chat, whereas when i was running it alone it was offering one on one messaging. And now its giving an error in the debug saying wrong password. My user password field is inbuilt so how can i sort this out ?

I merely suggested the pastel messaging template as a starting point, as most templates are. You will need to adapt it to fit your needs.

If you’re saying that the template, when run on its own, works for one-to-one messaging but stops doing so when incorporated into your app, perhaps something in your database structure or app logic is causing this. Perhaps you could reach out to the template developer for assistance, or if you share more details with screenshots and/or a demo app, others in the forum may be able to assist.

im suspecting this…pastel assigns a temporal password to user upon page loading, my app already has a sign up and login system of its own so how do i incoporate pastel without having to create another password?

If step 3 of that workflow simply references the current user then you should be able to simply delete steps 1 and 2 and the flow should still work. If not then change it to the current user first and then delete those first two steps. Difficult to advise further without more context about what exactly you’re trying to achieve.

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