Messenger for saas

Does anybody know a service which I can integrate in my saas to let my users view their

  • facebook
  • instagram
  • google
  • mail

messages and also answer them?

I’m thinking of implementing every platform by myself but asked myself if there is already a service which offers this functionality?

To be clear: I don’t want a cross platform messenger for my own channels, I want to let my users connect to them.


Hi, I’m not sure about how to do it from scratch in bubble (API call I guess) but this plugin may help you:

Thanks for your answer.

I am looking for a ready build solution to integrate in a saas to let my users connect to their accounts.

I know how to build in bubble but was wondering if there is already a pre build solution. :slight_smile:

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Another try here maybe for a similar one:

Has anybody successfully integrated google business communications api as well as google messages api?

Thanks for any help!

It’s possible but some of these do have limitations on outbound API. Multi channel in/out bound isn’t hard but you rely on provider API limitations.

We have apps that do email/SMS/vm drop/calls/LinkedIn/internal messaging all inside one area.

thanks for your answer!

Facebook is already integrated, I am looking for google business messages now but it seems not easy with partners, agents and more.

Do you have any suggestions on that?

Or do you have any links for the platforms you mentioned? :slight_smile: