Messenger problem

Creating the messenger more likely to whatsapp. The problem is : the sender creates a message. but the message displays ad the message from sender and recipient. The conditions as the sender is not current user in recipient group and the sender is current user in sender groupare also used. But the problem is still the problem.
Had a look at some messenger templates. but can’t find any solutions.

You shouldn’t work with groups to show all messages, you should work with repeating groups…

If you create a repeating group called “all chat’s messages” with a Data Source:
Chat’s content

It will show all the messages
Then inside the cell (the message) you create a text element with left alignment, and with the conditional:
when Message’s sender is Current User → right alliment

you can even change the colors if you want

What you need to go through is to show the most recent messages at the bottom, and to show more messages as the user scrolls upwards…
If I’m not mistaken there are plugins that do this work for you

so this is my data source - all chats messages, but still the problem remains. and dont understand what to do with conditons

you are doing a search for every message, you should have only 1 repeating group for chat (remove the sender=current user)

If I’m not mistakes there are many posts about this and plugins that may help you, but I’ve never built something like this, I advise you to take a look

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