Messy Checkboxes

Hi guys could you help me improving my work pls?
Here’s my problem:
I’ve created checkboxes for my customer to select what he wants to be done to his car. The thing is, it’s a bit messy for me.

So this is the page I’m working on, with the data :

For now I’m happy because it works !
But lets have a look to the workflow

I’m worried because for the moment I only have 6 Checkboxes, but in the future I’ll need around 20…


It’s a bit messy don’t you think ?
Is there a way to simplify it ?

The other thing is that even if I the user doesn’t check the checkbox, Bubble wants to write something in my data so I simply left a blank in the “formatting for no”, but I’m not very happy with that.

Finally I wanted to try with Option sets but can’t write any condition. So if the user only checks 1 checkbox, Bubble writes down all the checkboxes in my data.

(this is the example with the option sets)

Any idea on how to improve it ? Or is it good the way it is ?

Thanks in advance

Why don’t you take a look into the “Multiselec Dropdown” plugin?

It will alow you to select every service you need and it will store they as a list.
Super simple and easy to use.


Thank you very much,

I’ll check that