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Might be a silly question about Bubble

I really do not know what is the Bubble, I use the Sony Xperia and it is Android. I do not know the combination of Bubble for anything and also did not find an introduction to this entry. Please give me a guide, links, articles about Bubble, thank

In its simple form Bubble is a Platform. A service that allows the user to create web based applications that can be publically accessed. These applications can store and retrieve data. The applications are hosted on the platform, in the cloud.

If you visit the documentation page, there are various videos giving examples of the key parts of Bubble. This will help you understand it better.

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It isn’t going to be that great an experience on an Xperia phone I am afraid.

You can build mobile friendly sites, but doing the actual building on a phone isn’t really viable.

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Oh, and there is no such thing as silly questions!