Migrate to Xano

Hi everyone,

I have an application running in Bubble, it is an internal time registration application, I would like to migrate my database to Xano, I am doing some tests with this and I am very interested in being able to start using my database there.
I would like to know if any of you have done a migration of the database of a live app from bubble to xano, any recommendation or suggestion of good practices to do it?

I know @jared.gibb has done this a lot. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just jump in deep. You’ll be fine!

Did you have any specific questions tho? Just use good database architecture. You should read about it as there’s far too much for a single forum post.

It’s certainly not a task for a beginner. You’ll likely find yourself having to create plug-in elements at different times to do different tasks. All in all it’s not too bad but it’s certainly not straightforward.

Well, i did it but I do have a question haha. I’ve seen in some threads (and with your plugin) that you’ve managed to use API things as objects throughout your apps? (may be wrong)

(one of) My dream would be to be able to send a post/put to update db when a user changes a field and build my xano response with the data to update the element (display data in element) instead of doing a POST then GET “if result of post is …”

Extra question : How to you manage to send a list of integers to Xano without bubble automatically sending that list as “just text” between quotation marks? (Is there another way then putting the whole JSON in the API connector and putting in the “text”?

First: this requires setting this up a POST to xano using Json as the body.

Be sure to set a header of
Content-type : application/Json

In the body you’d include something like


for example, check out keywordsThisIs and keywordsThisServes. these two fields are integers. the next two are strings. the following is how i set up the expressions.

See how i build the expressions for lists of integers (the two fields marked “keywordIDThi”) and how i build expressions for lists of strings (“urls” and “types”)