Migrating bubble app to iOS and Google play stores

hi all can anyone explain to me the process of how to migrate a bubble made app to the iOS and google play stores or if that is even possible?

You can wrap your Bubble web app in a native app wrapper (for example, for free using AppGyver or Jasonelle/Jasonette) or paid services like BDK. If you need native features like camera, push notifications, etc, it will be difficult with the free options. Search for these terms on the forums and you will find plenty of posts.

Take care of Nativator wrapper, don’t provide push notifications.
I recommand you to check the @natedogg wrapper (Codeless Academy), seems pretty professional, not really expensive with a lot of features and the support is fast.

AppGyver has a free wrapper? Weren’t they a tool like Bubble itself?

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TL;DR Make everything in Bubble, and wrap it in the blank webview in AppGyver, and build in AppGyver.

The difference is AppGyver is completely free (unless you have $10 million in revenue), and builds Android and iOS apps for you on their online platform itself. Unlike Jasonelle/Jasonette, no need to change the Bubble header, or upload a JSON file, or create a workflow to expose JSON code. And most importantly, no need to download Android Studio or Apple xcode, which can take forever to update all dependencies and be a system hog.

Here’s how it works: (1) make a blank app in AppGyver. Keep just one page. Remove the nav bar, etc. ( 2) Then add a free component called WebView to AppGyver from their marketplace. Extend the webview to occupy the complete page, and point the url to your Bubble domain (3) Hit “build” on AppGyver and select the platform. You can upload logos and splash screens in the build interface.

Essentially this is what happens in Jasonelle as well, but you have to do stuff yourself, and in contrast, AppGyver automates everything and spits out an installable APK.

Why use Bubble at all to make the website instead of AppGyver? Because unlike AppGyver, Bubble provides a robust production backend DB. On AppGyver there is only a hobby DB not guaranteed for real use, and you need to use a third-party DB. Bubble also is more feature rich and has many more plugins. I found it easier to build a responsive site in Bubble, and with no need to manage a third party DB as needed on AppGyver.

For me this was much easier than any other solution. As I mentioned, some things don’t work through the wrapper (like native camera, API push notifications).

If you head over to the AppGyver forum, your will see other Bubblers doing this there with instructions. I don’t understand why Bubble doesn’t offer this function itself. I’ll be happy to make a video/pictures for you.


You can use AppGyver for free.

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Hi @deadpoetnsp

LIke Thunkable, will there be a pop up saying built free with AppGyver everytime you open the app?

BTW I wrap my app using Jasonette for android, stuck in IOS conversion.

No. It has a default AppGyver splash screen, but you can replace it with another splash screen. No other AppGyver marking.


Cool. Will check it out right away :slight_smile: