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Migrating existing stripe customers into bubble

So, here is the situation: We have been using a SAS for awhile, and have close to 200 customers in our stripe database. Those customers all have credit cards associated with them in stripe. We can’t track them down and ask for the CC again.

Is there away to migrate this information into bubble to integrate with the stripe plugin? When customers put their CC in through bubble, there is no issue charging them. However, I am finding it difficult to charge customers who are already in our stripe database, but didn’t enter than info through bubble.

thank you!

Hey @jameslusk!

Bubble’s Stripe plugin doesn’t allow platforms to provide their own Stripe Customer ID for charging, as it’s information that is stored user-level and not exposed.

As an alternative, try CoBubble’s Stripe.js Plus plugin.



I am sure this is where I am going to be heading.

@josh, @emmanuel, is this possible/advisable from the back end?

thank you!

Do you/will you offer something similar for Braintree? We eventually want to use braintree. But won’t be able to if we can’t get access to our current customer’s CC info after stripe transfers it over to Braintree.

We don’t have anything in the queue for Braintree but we’re happy to investigate possibility for sponsorship. :slight_smile:

Ok Salar, maybe you can help me get this up and running. I have the stripe.js Plus plug in up and running. However, I am unable to figure out how to charge customers that I already have payment info for in our stripe database.

What I have done so far (with test customers and info):

  1. I created a test customer in our stripe dashboard directly, with test card payment info

  2. added the stripe customer ID to the user thing in our bubble database:

  3. following the steps laid out in the documentation video for creating a charge, after having already entered the keys and everything else from the documentation video.

3a) first, I convert the customer ID into a token

3b) then, I use that token to charge a payment

  1. No payment shows up in my stripe dashboard.

Is there something missing here?

thank you!

Hey @jameslusk. Customer IDs don’t need to be tokenized. Just pass it through and you’ll be set. :thumbsup:

That is what I tried the first time. Just tried it again to make sure, and still no dice.

Double checked that all the customer numbers and keys are correct, as well as the ‘Bearer’ before the secret key. Not seeing any issues there.

Give us a shout at [email protected]. We don’t offer support on the forums. :wink: