Migrating Stripe customers from another platform to your app on Stripe

Hi Bubble,

I am considering migrating my business from another no-code marketplace platform to an app on Bubble.
I need to make a decision around when I make the migration vs migration risk.
Here’s the scenario:

  • My clients currently onboard to my current app and create a Stripe account.
  • My business has a Stripe connect account

If I migrate existing clients onto the new app on Bubble, and say I keep the same Stripe account, do the clients have to do anything to re-onboard e.g. do they have to link to Stripe via the new app, or does the API connection take care of everything?

I am assessing migration risk, as asking clients to take extra steps can always be a risk.

The answer is probably really obvious, but the answer is important since I have a couple of hundred clients already & planning to do a big B2B acquisition push.



Hi Sara,

Since you’re using an API connection to link to your existing Stripe account, all of your settings - and your clients settings - should persist through your migration. I would recommend that you also reach out to Stripe’s support team to confirm, if you have not already done so, as there may be specifics on their end that I can’t speak to.

Thanks eve, that’s good to know!