Migrating to a new domain

I’m about to migrate to a new domain on a complicated website with many users, photos, files, etc.

I was reading in this forum on some old threads that files can break after a domain switch and that a workflow to rename files was needed. Is that still true?

What other things will I need to do to complete the migration?

There main thing I can think of is anything that has the domain hardcoded in it. I was thinking I would check this by downloading the JSON copy of my site and then searching for the old domain. What might this effort not catch?

Interesting topic @brenton.strine I didn’t know that switching to a new domain will damage your files. I think this doesn’t happen if your database is on a different platform though.

Could you share links of these old threads that you mentioned? Thanks

This one was the main one that was concerning:

Here are some quotes from the replies that worried me:

Also saw a few examples of people having other problems, though it seemed most of those came down to a hardcoded URL.