Migrating users accounts from mongodb to bubble

i can’t find out a way to migrate users accounts with their authentication methods (email and password ,google, facebook, linkedin) to bubble

I’m not sure this it is possible to migrate users’ passwords from another platform to bubble because bubble does not make account passwords available to anybody, even the app creator, for security reasons. However, you could probably achieve 80% of what you are trying to do by downloading all of your mongodb data into a csv file, uploading it to a table in bubble, and then using the api workflows in combination with the ‘create an account for someone else’ action to create an account for each of the emails in your mongodb database. Then use the ‘send password reset email’ as the next action in the api workflow to send a password reset email to each of the newly created users. This will allow them to create their own password.

This is a little complex but if you read up on using api workflows and things like that through the forums and documentation, you should be able to figure it out.

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We just added an import users with password feature so you should be able to do this.


thank you , but what about migrating legacy users who used google authentication not email and password method ?

thank you ,that’s very helpful, but this method will only works with users who used email and password authentication method, what about who used google/facebook authentication method ?

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@39750790_theashraf Your users can use social login and import with password shouldn’t apply here.

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