Migrating WIx pages to Bubble

Please I need help

I had previously built a landing page on wix. https://omololuibk.wixsite.com/pool

I would like to move it to my bubble app; the page and its content.

Are there any quick fixes for this?

Redeveloping seems the way to go….

There isn’t a one-click method* (see footnote). But a page like this is an easy thing to re-create in Bubble (and a really good example to use to learn Bubble).

Happily Bubble’s new responsive engine makes creating pages like this easy and you can achieve a basically reasonably designed page quite easily, but has a learning curve. (as does everything :slight_smile: )

When you are Googling around watch out for tutorials that are based on the old Responsive engine rather than the new Responsive engine. (you want the new responsive engine based on flexbox)

Matt Neary (and others) explains the Responsive engine really clearly eg (How to build a simple dashboard in Bubble: Dashboard tutorial 1/2 - YouTube) (this one is a dashboard layout - but is worth watching to grasp a whole bunch of concepts quickly)

I would not recommend as it the outcome will not be good - but technically you could:

  • convert HTML to Figma (HTML to Figma - Chrome Web Store)
  • convert Figma to Bubble (generally this is not at all useful - look through the forum for the problems people have with this)

Thank you for your input, I have successfully recreated in Bubble, but the responsiveness is difficult to figure out. I would spend some time on the videos and revert.

Thank you once again

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