Minimum Order Amount

I want to create a minimum order dollar value before checkout is possible. How can this be done?

On your button to checkout, add a condition where sum of your cart item > mininum and make it clickable only at this moment

this what i have at the moment is this right?

hi is this correct ?

Yes, and in Appearance, don’t forget to check the box “This element isn’t clickable”

HI I did that but it is not working . Now the element is not clickable at all. Regardless if the cart price is over the minimum amount which is $300.

Try: Appearance: This button is not clickable “uncheck”, Conditional: Search for shopping carts total price: sum < 300, this element is not clickable: check.
Also, you can use debug mode and inspect your button place order to see if everything is applied correctly.


I tried and this is still not working. Any more suggestions?

Can you soe Appearance too?
And did you check in debug mode?

You can also set public to your app, give a link to one order and I can check

Here is the appearance side

how do i set the app to public . And what link do i Give to You?

In setting tab/General, and just give a link to one order that you should have a sum over 300

I dont understand the part about the link.
I have made the app public now anyone can view & edit

is it this u need

You are in the wright way.

Are tou sure your search:sum is adding up to correct result?

If not, temporarilly add a text element to your page to show the result of that.

Make sure that the “this element isn’t clickable” in the button’s general settings IS checked.

Than, in your conditionals, you need the “search:sum > 300” and have the option “this element isn’t clickable” UNCHECKED.

This should be prety straight forward.

Both should work. Either way. I think it’s more to be sure that the sum return the right result

I think I found the issue.
The sum returned by this page ( is 11936.67 even if my cart is…89.87 including shipping fee!
So your search doesn’T narrow your current cart correctly. (In fact, you have no filter on it)

I see a few design issue too. You are using a lot of search, but you should reduce this to your repeating group I believe and work around your repeating group instead of doing the search again for subtotal, service charge and so on.

OK I finally got it to work. I added some filters. Thanks .

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