Minor change to submission flow for templates

Hey guys,

We’re making a small change to how templates should be submitted to the marketplace for approval.

  1. Before. when a template (or a new version of a template) was submitted, we were using the live version. So effectively, template authors had to deploy to live and then submit at bubble.is/my_templates.

  2. New. you don’t push to live anymore from the editor. Instead, you work on the development version of the app, then when you submit the template for approval, we save a version of the development version of the app and the database, and once the team has reviewed it, it’ll be copied to the live version of the app/database. In other words, you don’t push to live anymore, we do this for you as the newer version is approved.

When an app is created based on a template, it’ll be using the approved version of the app and the database.


Sounds easier, thanks!

Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode


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