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Missing app data in live version with firefox and opera but not in chrome

The content (app data, live) at
is ONLY shown in Chrome, but not at Firefox or Opera.
Yesterday I could see this app data at the live version in Firefox (because I have it as startpage in Firefox).
But today my app displays empty fields on Firefox and Opera in my live version.
I have not alowed some updates in my browsers and I have not made any changes at my app for a long time.

This change happened between yesterday and today in the morning.

What could be the problem?
And what could be the solution? :slight_smile:


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Is it possible, Gino, that you were, by some reason, logged out from the other two browsers?

Oh, yes, Gino, you are totally right! Oh, what embarrassing misstake! :blush:

Don´t worry, Gino, it can happen to the best. It happened to me when I was young and inexperienced. It was anyway in another planet, but I understand the feeling.
Good luck with your app (and become friend with a graphical designer - just saying) :bulb: