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Missing data in database from form

Hey guys, I’m in some kind of problem and I can’t figure out why.

I have a calculator built on Bubble and inserted it onto my company’s website. You guys can look it up here. Calculadora de ahorro.

The thing is, just some user’s data are not being saved onto the database. At the moment the problem replicates more with iPhone users, but I’ve had some of them show up. It’s very inconsistent and I can’t pinpoint why it’s going on.
I’ve run tests on Safari, Chrome and Brave on Iphone. Some from Safari are saved, Brave seems to work. Chrome doesn’t save the data.

Any idea about what could be happening??

Update: When we use the bubble link, everything seems ok, when we embedded in our site, some iPhone users won’t be saved.
Sorry for the broken English, it’s not my first language.


So for anyone going through the same, I got in touch with the bubble team and they identified a problem with browser settings on iPhone and iframes that breaks our workflow. So keep that in mind.