Missing files and bad performance

Hi everyone,

I already reported this behaviour to support, it’s been escalated to LVL 2, but haven’t got any feedback since the 24th of Jan.

Files are disappearing from the File-manager, without any explanation, all type of files, pdf uploaded by the users and even JPEG files generated in the backend.

Already tripple checked and there’s no workflows on the backend and front-end to delete this files, nothing on the logs about files being deleted.

For now, as a workaround, i changed all actions that save files to the database to “:saved to s3” and i’m also saving the raw data of the file on a new field, to recover files as needed.

This is creating huge problems for me, and with the recent loss of performance from bubble, i guess related with the continuous problem in the MainCluster “https://status.bubble.io/”, bubble is becoming less and less viable for me.

I need some kind of explanation to the missing files.

That sucks, I have an open request from November 15th :grimacing:

I’ll just throw ideas out to see if something hits:

  • are they uploaded by anonymous (non-logged in) users?
  • are they private or public?
  • if they are private, are they attached to a Thing?
  • if above, are you deleting the Thing somewhere?
  • do you have any database triggers that might affect them (I’m sure you don’t but check again anyway)
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Hi George, thanks for your feedback,

To give you some context, i’ve been building fairly complex bubble apps for 3 years now, so i consider myself to have a strong knowledge on how bubble works,

The files are public,
I’m not deleting the Thing or the File via workflow/database trigger, already make a search for this kind of actions to try to locate a “lost” workflow, and nothing.

I really need feedback from the team to justify this behaviour.

What about this?

Also, in what context are you saving/initially uploading the files? What do the workflows look like? If, for example, you receive a file in a webhook and then send that file in another arbitrary API call, Bubble may only keep the file temporarily (I can’t find any documentation on this but it does make sense)

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Hi again George, thanks for your time,

The files are uploaded by logged users,

To explain the workflow:

STEP 1 - File Upload workflow (front-end):
The user uploads a list of .pdf files using the multi-file uploader element from bubble
Every time the multi-upload value changes (everytime a file is uploaded):
The list of files is added to a variable in the Thing User called “Files-Importados” (File List)


SETP 2 - User manually starts a workflow that will interact with the “Files-Importados” (File List) (back-end):
For each file in the User “Files-Importados”:
Create a Document Thing and assign the file to the Document:file
If the Document is created successfully, the file gests removed from User “Files-Importados” (File List), i use this list to store files pending to be processed as Documents.

For some time, the file assigned to the Document works as expected, then in 15 days to 1 month some files just dissapear.

I really can’t wrap my head around this file behaviour.

Thanks again!

Still no answer from support, files keep disappearing

Have you reached back to them to follow up? I’ve had to do this numerous times over the years because there is an issue that causes Bug reports to sometimes be marked as resolved when they are not.

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