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Missing parameter for workflow my_endpoint: parameter value

Hey @emmanuel the issue is(at least this is what I am experiencing) is that for webhooks such as shopify we would want to assign user values to the webhook url since this value cannot be retrieved in the JSON payload from the webhook. Any chance you can add this in?

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Any update on this???

@emmanuel @romanmg

Was this ever resolved? I’m running into the same need for Microsoft Graph webhooks. The webhook sends a validationToken and expects Bubble to return the token. I’m able to call the endpoint from Postman with the parameter in the body, but not in the URL. I think MS Graph is also sending it as part of the URL.

Doesn’t work in Postman with token in URL

Works in Postman with token in body

Error message from API Connector while Key is required on endpoint.

If I make the Key optional in the endpoint, then it gives Microsoft a 200 message, but then complains that the response doesn’t match. This is because Microsoft is sending it as part of the URL and Bubble is not recognizing it.


Details from MIcrosoft.

Any updates on this guys?

UPDATE okay, I see the solution here [New Feature] Ability to read parameters in the URL for API workflow endpoints