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Missing Persons Organization seeks Bubble Help

From 2007 until around 2011 I was the Director of Operations for the Destiny Search Project of which I was also a Founder. The original Destiny Search Project was formed in 2007 after the disappearance and search for missing Destiny Norton in Salt Lake City, Utah. In 2008 the group was organized into a Non-Profit and operated for several years. This included searches for Camille Cleverley, Hser Ner Moo, Susan Powell, and others. Unfortunately with the departure of some of the board of directors operations came to a close. For some time, it was hoped to bring back the project and improve upon it, and make it available nationwide. At one time an open-source software project was even started but it also ended when the primary operations had been ended.

In 2016, and with new technology and online tools available the hope that Destiny Search Project could allow for community volunteer-based organized searches for a missing person can now be realized. The goal of this new project is to make a system and tools available that anyone, anywhere can launch a community-based volunteer search in a matter of only a few hours.

So why post here? For our new online system, we have used Airtable as the missing link in the software I had long been hoping for. It has had limitations though and is hard to roll out on a larger scale. Some of the ‘work arounds’ to get around limitations create some clunkiness in using the system. In the last 5 years of operations though we have used the tool in over a dozen cases successfully.

It’s time to move forward on the next step and from initial looks and playing around with Bubble I believe it can be the backbone of our next iteration. I want to create a tool that can be implemented in any area and easily used. I know the process for a missing person search, and have experience with Airtable and using a Db for the system. I want this new version though to be much cleaner and better designed. I want things done right and not thrown together by random tests that work out.

I am looking to partner with someone in designing and building this tool into something that can be used in communities nationwide (possibly the world!) I am sure I will be posting questions in the forum as I muddle through building this but would like to find someone to join the team and project.

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Have you considered creating a Bubble RFP?

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Thanks, I haven’t yet. At this point, it’s more exploratory and figuring out what the RFP would even be as to how much work and funding is available. It is something we may look at though once we get some of the basic ideas situated.

This sounds very cool! Shoot me a DM!


Hey damontalbot! I’m the founder of which is a marketplace for finding Bubble mentors who you can schedule calls with. The site also allows for posting projects and receiving proposals. Feel free to post your project or schedule a mentoring call.


Hi @damontalbot1976

Love the project!

Please feel free to ask any questions on the forum. There is a lot of talent and goodwill here to guide you on your journey! :smiley: