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Missing Plugin: search and select (dropdown)

I’ve cobbled together a searchable dropdown consisting of an input element linked to the Search and Autocorrect plugin and a Group Focus element with repeating group. (also, a couple of icons)

Input element and search icon:

Group Focus and Repeating Group when the search icon is clicked:

Result of searching for “rs”:

It almost works as assembled within a page. However, I need this kind of element in many places, searching various lists throughout the app. Attempting to make this work as a reusable element has not been going well.

@levon, I know you published an improved Search (Fuzzy) and Autocorrect. Have you combined it with Input and Repeating Group elements to produce the kind of element I need?

Does anyone know of a plugin that does this?

@laurence Hello.

I believe you’ve tried the combination and using it as Reusable Element is a bad. We’ll need to check it and see what could be done. Thanks.

I’m not sure what this means.

One plugin element that integrates fuzzy search, drop-down list behavior would be ideal.

I have build a reusable element that is close, but needs some refinement. The biggest drawback seems to be that it will need to be copied and modified for every unique situation. A well-designed plugin would be much more effective.

When my reusable element is ready, I’ll be happy to share it so you’ll have an idea of how the plugin should work.

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Hi @laurence

What it was meant, it was about the scenario you’ve come across by attempting to work it out as reusable element. Which does not work well.

As mentioned we’ll take notes and see what could be done. Thanks for feedback.

Zeroqode Team.


Have you looked into this or are you waiting for me to provide a working model of the search-select capability?

I can build a shareable project, but I don’t have one handy at the moment. The only version of the element is in my “real” app that is not really something I can share.

Let me know. The need is real. (I’m surprised other people aren’t clamoring for it. Perhaps I’m out of touch with the kinds of apps other people build. :thinking:)

Where I have mine working, it makes a world of difference in usability. There are many more places I can use it but mine has to be rebuild for every new data type that needs to be searched.

Hi @laurence

Thanks for request and notification

We received the feedback back in September, when you wrote about the idea and noted it. While we did not start working on it, we gathered some information about it and at the moment this isn’t a priority.
Thanks for understanding.

Zeroqode Team.

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Thanks. I understand priorities very well.

With no expectations, I will, in the near future, provide a bit more detail about what I envision for this “missing plugin.”