Mixpanel Slowing Down Mobile Pages

Hi everybody;

I’m finding that my integration with mixpanel is really slowing down the responsive pages I have built for mobile phones.

I’ve only added one “create an event” and a “send the user” to mixpanel for each button clicked but the slow down is substantial - to the point where I can’t use mixpanel for my mobile pages, it’s too slow.

I have the same number of mixpanel events on the web pages and they don’t suffer the same slow downs…

Any insights would be appreciated, thanks very much.


Hey @leslie.nagy !

I’m having a similar problem, have you come up with a solution?

Thanks !

Considering adding Mixpanel. Is it widely known to cause issues on mobile? Anyone else experience slow mobile usage if a Mixpanel WF is triggered?

Hey! Have you found a solution to this?