Mobile App Constantly Asking User For Location Permission

I have a mobile app that, once the user is logged into, the “home” tab features a list of things sorted according to the user’s location. The problem is that every time the user opens the app and the page loads, it asks the user to share their location.

You might not think this sounds like a problem, but imagine if every time you open your GPS app it asks you “share your location?” But it doesn’t do that, because your GPS isn’t clingy or insecure like that. Your GPS is a strong and confident app, because at one point in the past you answered “yes” and your phone remembers you answered that way.

So, is there any way to get a Bubble app to quit asking the same user for their permission after they’ve already answered?

This might be an issue with the feature not having a remember user function, but I’m not sure if that is on Bubble side or the web browser.

In my experience with it, I believe it is tracked, so give it a try with a logged in user…create a new user, do the run as user feature to login as them and say grant access, then log out, then do run as again and see if it asks again when logged in again or not.

You can also test it with a non-logged in user to see if it requests it more than once within 72 hours if they grant access.

From my experience the above is true, however, I’m not sure in your case as you are talking about a mobile app, which Bubble doesn’t build, as Bubble builds webapps, so maybe if you are experiencing an issue with a mobile app, that is a Bubble built webapp Wrapped, it could be an issue with the wrapping service of features.