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Mobile app live version

I’m working on a mobile app , can i have it live in whatever file like .exe or whatever.
I don’t wan the app to be as webpage :weary::broken_heart:.

Probably not, but can you explain more what you want to do? You just want a mobile app in the Apple and Android app stores?

I want to use the app for educational perps, I don’t want to publish the app in the Apple or Android stores.
I just want it to be in any file form except webpage :worried:

I`ve used nativefier and it works great, just make sure you use the correct settings. You can build for Windows, Linux and macOS.

  1. Install Node.js on your computer
  2. Go to a command prompt and type npm install nativefier -g
  3. Then run the command nativefier --insecure --ignore-certificate --name "My Bubble App" ""

If you want your own icon, to remove the menu bar etc. Check out the documentation.

Let us know if it works well for you.


thank you so much, it worked well.
I don’t have words to describe my happiness.:relieved: :sparkling_heart:

Happy to help :slight_smile: