Mobile App Testing

Hey you guys I have built a mobile app in bubble through my computer and it looks great in the web view. But when I go to the mobile app to test it out this is how it shows up on the screen. Is there something Im doing wrong with the size of the index? My index is 380 x 731. or is there something else I could possibly be doing wrong?
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Could you share a link to the editor ?

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Kinda looks like there’s a rogue element wandering around in the blank space, but a link to the editor as @gaurav suggested would be helpful in debugging.

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So I tried in webview and looks like if u move to landscape and then move back it fixes.
My guess is it’s a bubble bug but cant really be of more help based on screenshots without editor :frowning:

how do I share my editor?

@gaurav @potentialthings how do I share my editor?

Hi @Adam2016.

If your app is Public you can share the link of the editor, the one on the address bar when your editing.

If not, you can make a copy as a public app and then share the link.


@ricardocprates can people edit my app when they see it?

if its public they can;
you can make it read-only in the general tab in settings if u have private apps left in ur plan


JUST Be aware that your app is open to everyone.

Just copying the address of the image you posted, I can access it!!!

BE AWARE!!! :astonished::astonished::astonished:

Would it be possible to make a copy of the app and post the link to the copy? That way the original one isn’t touched. Anyone?

When it comes to mobile apps I believe it is better to perform your A/B testing activities inside your app. So for that you need to find in-app messaging solution that fits best to your needs. Just to name few of them, Intercom, HelpCrunch, InAppBlast is just a few of them. Then target a similar audience and send out various messages to see what gets the best response. Good luck!