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Mobile App with Web based control panel


How do I create a native mobile app which has a web-based admin panel. How do I connect both without creating 2 apps and using the app connector? I want to use the same app. I don’t have enough to pay for 2 apps yet.

Hello @lancegerarrd

You will have your answers with the free Jasonelle post. I used both web and app under the same roof. For iOS approx. license fee app is Apple 99$ and Android 30$. No fees after that. You can also create short link (pwa), so you don’t have to pay any licences. If you need a lot of phone features, you have no choice to go with Jasonelle or any other app plugin.

link: 10 min. to build FREE 0$ native iOS/Android app :large_blue_diamond:

@JohnMark thanks for the help. I don’t understand what you mean by ‘You can also create short link (pwa), so you don’t have to pay any licences.’

Progressive Web App PWA. It’s simply an icon on your device imitating or acting like an app without iOS/Android internal functions capability. If you just need basic web / app approach, the best is to use PWA or Jasonelle if you need gps, contacts, and other internal iOS/Android functions.

Hello @JohnMark !
Can you help us please, we are developing an application in bubble and doing it with Jasonelle

Jasonelle has difficulties with geo position, wi-fi connection and returning data from phone to bubble

Problems with this request: $ geo.get request
for Android

We can call on zoom for a small and quick consultation from you, for a fee of course

Thanks in advance

Hi @botlabua

I’m not accepting any works outside my own company but thank you for the offer.

I didn’t try the geo position, but it work for sure. Wi-fi connection isn’t related with any of that imo. Also, I gave an example of returning data from phone to bubble on my post.

Try to make it works inside Jasonelle Demo or ask on Jasonelle forum if this part isn’t working. BDK plugin (using Jasonelle) has made a great job compiling the most used functions. So it must work under Jasonelle. Be sure to use the working Xcode or Android Studio working version with Jasonelle. Share your finding on my POST.

how do I implement both my my admin panel login and the app login?