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Mobile Apps Current Status

Hi Forum!

Was skimming trough quite a few topics back from 2015 to see and summary on what’s the current status of Mobile App Development, but could not find any topic with the info combined in one place.
It’s clear that the whole app development is still in (early) beta, but there’s quite a few things already available and working, and I see users launching their apps already.

I was thinking that it would be useful to maintain a current list of known limitations just to be sure that you don’t have sudden surprises on the way in your development.

This can also be used as a checklist of issues to be addressed for people waiting for the mobile\native app development to kick-in :slight_smile:

Here’s what I am aware of right now:

App has to be:

  1. One-paged structure
  2. Correctly sized for targeted phone screen size

Known Limitations:

  1. No push notifications (Future Feature - regarding push notifications)
  2. No offline usage (?) (Support our iOS app release!)
  3. Some of the plugins do not work (this may be turned to a separate list of items with “+” and “-”)
  4. Oauth does not work (OAuth2 - Bubble API connector - Native Mobile App - iOS)
  5. Google Fonts do not work (Google Fonts Not Working in Bubble iOS App)
  6. Resetting pasword should go via a standard reset_pw web page (Reset Password - Native Mobile App (iOS))
  7. Searchbox does not work (Type Ahead Feature - Native iOS App - Limitation)

Anything else I am missing or got wrong?


wow, pretty awesome to outline that Vlad. Maybe post this thread in “mobile” section?

good point, moved it there, thank you.

Hi Vlad, What’s the correct size for both iOs and Android?

What are you meaning by size? If you’re asking about screen resolution, there isn’t a single answer. Both devices have several different popular resolutions, with android having a kazillion different options.

A couple things I would add:

  • Picture uploader does not work on Android.

  • “Remember the email” option for login/signup does not work on Android.


  • Google Fonts actually do work on a Bubble mobile app, you just need to add them. For a Bubble iOS app you need to add the names of the fonts in the index.html file. If you’re using the Bubble Account preview app, your custom fonts won’t work, but when you get ready to package it for the App Store, you’ll be able to get them working.

  • You can also successfully get the Search Box to work when you package your app for the App Store. Someone posted the edit you can make to get it working in the forum, but I can’t find the post right now. I tested it, and successfully got the Search Box working on an iOS app.

Honestly, there have been a lot of breakthroughs on using Bubble for mobile apps over the past 6 months or so. Even though the Bubble team doesn’t have a set date to push forward with mobile apps just yet, there are a handful of Bubblers across the forum that keep finding out ways to extend Bubble’s functionality in mobile apps.

EDIT: Found the awesome post by @vaughnwibbles about how he got the search box working:


Hi there,

Any updates on the Picture Uploader as yet? I have an app that desperately needs to be able to upload images?

the mobile app hasn’t been loading last couple days…

Thank you so much for making this list @vladlarin!

Does anyone know if the limits sketched out here still apply, or have their been changes?

Hi, I have users complaining because the picture uploader does not work on Android mobile app. Does anyone know if and how this issue is solved ? Maybe @natedogg can help … Thanks.

Is there any update on this? I mean I know that it must be in Bubble’s roadmap, but do we know what are the timelines we are looking at?

Mobile apps are critical and due to the limitations mentioned by @vladlarin users get very suboptimal experience and creating an app is very hard as well.