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Mobile Attribution for bubble mobile app

Has anyone managed to set up mobile attribution in a mobile app made on

I made a mobile iOS app with bubble+SDK Native and would like to start buying ads for it on Facebook.

My understanding is that in order for the ads to work effectively, I have to use the mobile attribution service (AppsFlyer,, Kochava, etc). Has anyone had any experience integrating their SDK into an app made on bubble? Is this even possible?

I don’t think it’s possible since most MMP’s require the use of a native SDK which no-code apps cannot access.
One solution would be having the native app wrapper vendors include the MMP SDK and expose certain methods through their Bubble plugin. I’m sure it’s bound to happen eventually but I haven’t seen anything yet.

Hey Markus,

Have you found a solution to this? My mobile app is built with BDK. Wondering if there are leading mobile tracking solutions linked to Tiktok or fb Ads to connect app events.

Nope, still haven’t found the solution.

That’s a pity!

Did you ask Gaurav from BDK to make this work?

Yes, I had actually pretty long conversation with him regarding this topic. I explained to him how important is it for a commercial mobile apps and he said he will think about it, but as far as I know it still not implemented. Not sure if it is in the roadmap at all.
For me actually it has become a dealbreaker for growing my mobile app. It grew to pretty good numbers but to be able to grow it faster I need paid user acquisition, which is almost impossible without mobile attribution.

It’s becoming a deal breaker for me and I’m just getting started, there’s got to be other wrapper that allows it

BDK based on Jasonelle.
2022 - 10 min. to build a free native iOS/Android app :large_blue_diamond:
From there, everything’s possible.
Jasonelle is an open library.

I’m not stopped the project, I am still growing it with other methods like SEO and ASO but it is not really comparable sources. You can not scale it quickly.
I haven’t thought about other wrappers since thebdk already implemented very deeply and will require to rebuild a lot of features.
I actually considered rebuilding the app with the native stack, but decided to spent time on another project.