Mobile Data Input not working

I own and I am about to launch my website but the data input for my site only works when you are using an Ipad or a web browser. When I use my phone and type in the information the data does not show up in my data base.

In other word the website is fully functional but I can not get any information from the user if they are using the mobile version of my app. Please help I want to launch my site on Friday.

Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciate.


Do you have a different page for the mobile?
Did you set the workflow on mobile page too?
Can you provide a link to your editor (you need to set your app public with view only)?

  1. no I do not have a different page for mobile
  2. no I did not set the workflow on mobile page
  3. i did not set the app on public view only

The link is above should I do those three things


If you don’t set the app on public, I cannot see your editor.

Sorry I am at work and tryimg to do this on my phone I will have to get back to you as soon as I am in front of a computer

I will keep you posted.


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Nice design

How do i set the app for public view

Can you tell me how to fix this if I have to make a different mobile page please tell me how to do that.


you should not have to do a different mobile page. But I was wondering if you have one and didn’t replicate the workflow there. Also, did you check for any privacy setting?

No no privacy settings

Issue solved thank you. I only have privacy setting for the billing information

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