Mobile Manual Transaction! Play Store & Apple Store

I am extremely new so question might sound dumb. I have made an app via and planning to launch Android (for now) and iOS (later) for Pakistan Customers.

  1. Should I register a Software Company on my name before launching Application?

  2. Once Salesman wants some Pill Coins (1 Pill Coin = 1 Meeting Button Click allowed). He shall receive an email stating our Bank Account Number and details, asking them to deposit the cost of 1 Pill Coins and send us the Screen Shot. Once I confirm the Transaction, Pill Coins shall be deposited into his Account.

  3. Client can redeem his Pill Coins by providing his Bank Account Details in our application. Once he clicks redeem Button, an email shall be sent to him stating that Amount shall be deposited into your account.

All Local Pakistani Clients and Salesman. Nothing International. I am also in Pakistan.

Will Play Store and Apple Store allow this?

Screen Shot of Working attached below: