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Mobile Navigation Help

Does anybody have any recommendations for a more programmatic way to construct mobile navigation? I am setting a state on each group called “navigation”, which I use to determine what is shown when a back button is pressed. But this obviously isn’t the best method. I just wanted to create a thread to see if anybody has any better suggestions.

@natedogg should be able to help you out with this!

I’m using custom states as well. I usually have two separate states, current-view and previous-view.

I haven’t found a more efficient method yet.

@natedogg You mention the previous-state custom state in your CA Lessons, but no examples are provided. Could you provided a screenshot of how you handle showing the previous view/group ?

I also have a mobile app (not native. Do you have back/fwd navigation buttons? Doesn’t that confuse the user since the browser has them too?

Hey @binzoh.local,

Check out this quick demo I set up in the open forum app:

Note that you can set up a second previous-view field to track the last two screens that the user came from, or even more. Using multiple states, you can set up some complex navigation options.

I’m going through the learning curve on this myself.

It would be really nice to have a more programmatic navigation option, but I doubt it’s compatible with Bubble (at least at the moment). From previous conversations with @emmanuel there are very limited options to programmatically modify the elements and there are very limited options to use repeat/recursion on any data.

For example, there isn’t a way to store a workflow and programmatically refer to it like a function. So you can’t assign buttons “navigate(from,to,data)” and have it execute a different workflow using the parameters. You have to build each workflow manually.

this is a brilliant solution. xiexie