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Hi Folks,
I work with a company that produces backend REST API services that interact with front end client side native libraries. In order to use the REST services and the client side libraries an app needs to be created. In the real world, people would take the solutions we offer and integrate them into their app. In my world as the vendor, I am looking to create a β€œdemo” app. The app I am creating is designed just to showcase the specific features that our solutions bring to the market, so it is not going to be a full featured app and may seem like a very unusual app if you tired to use it to do something with it.
My question is with regards to how to do this. The REST services seem to fit nicely with the Bubble plugin feature. However, it breaks down when I get to the client side native libraries. Essentially, I need to be able to build a general front end (with low or no code) and have it capture some sample data (like an email address) and submit that to the REST services, and the response from the REST services needs to be used by the native libraries. I suspect I will need to write Cordova wrappers for these native libraries. However, in some cases I need to be able to access components on the mobile device, like the camera and the fingerprint reader. How would you recommend going about this?
I am looking at solutions like Thunkable as well, but the issue is that the ability to build an app seems more limited than what Bubble can offer. I see Bubble as a presentation layer that allows for quick UI and UX with minor data control features. In the end I think a progressive web app (PWA) would probably work very nicely for what I am trying to do, but the PWA needs lower level accesss than I think most PWA’s usually use.
Any help or direction is greatly appreciated.

Hi @wcl Will,


I recommend a reading: 10 min. to create a FREE native app with Bubble > iOS πŸ”· Android

Welcome to Bubble :slight_smile: