Mobile version is cut off

Hi everyone!

I built 2 apps in one (a desktop version for >768px and a tablet/mobile version for <=768px). When viewed on the desktop, both versions look great. But when viewed on a mobile device, the <768px version is cut off on every page; it only shows the first half of the page. Any idea why this is happening and how to fix it? Really appreciate your input!


The better approach is to make your entire site responsive. I’m assuming your pages are “fixed width”. Have you used the responsive editor before?

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Thanks for responding! I did use the responsive editor and none of the pages are fixed width.

All of the elements for the desktop version are hidden when the app is <=768px and all of the elements for the mobile version are hidden when the app is >768px. The elements for the mobile version are all in a single group and many of the elements in that group are fixed width because it didn’t look good when they were able to change as the page width changed. I experimented with having the mobile group fixed width vs not, and when it’s not fixed width there’s a lot of padding on the sides. Also even when the mobile group is not fixed width, half of the page gets cut off.

Any additional thoughts?

I really can’t think why it wouldn’t be working then. It seems like it would be a really quick fix. Do you mind sending me a public link to your editor. Either on this thread or through personal message? Whichever is best for you. “View Only” mode should be fine too.

Will do!

@dbevan …Can’t figure out how to PM you on here. Can you give me your email?