Mobile vs Desktop restrictions

Hey everyone, so in my app when a user creates an account through their mobile only other users who created an account through their mobile can add each others as friends for some reason. And vice versa for desktop users who create an account through desktop.

Desktop & Mobile cant add each others as friends (the friend button vanishes)…why cant we all just get along?

any suggestions on how to fix this?

Do you have different buttons to add users as friends depending on whether a user is accessing your app through a mobile device or a desktop? If so, you may want to look over the workflows for your buttons to make sure that they’re available to all users.

If you continue having trouble with this, please submit a bug report so that our team can investigate this for you!

I had a condition outta wack. thanks @eve for making me check again!

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Ok the Add friend button is showing, but when i click “request add a friend” from a desktop created user it’s not registering to “request add a friend” from mobile created users (it stays in the same state). Desktop created users adding desktop created users works good & vice versa with mobile to mobile…why is this happening?

could this be the problem?

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